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This documentary film and its accompanying teachers' guide presents the history of Black settlers in Alberta and incorporates the voices of young Black Albertans who share their experiences.

The teachers' guide provides historical information about early Black settlements in Alberta, lesson ideas and activities, support materials and resource lists.


Over a Century of Racial Injustice Continues

Black Lives in Alberta: Over a Century of Racial Injustice Continues tells the story of five generations of Black Albertans and their experiences of discrimination living on the Canadian Prairies. Descendants of a large wave of African American immigrants who moved to Alberta and Saskatchewan in the early 20th Century to escape racism and persecution in the United States candidly share their family histories and discuss how their racial identities have shaped their experiences of living in Alberta


Deborah Dobbins, the founder of Shiloh Centre for Multicultural Roots, worked in partnership with The Aspen Foundation, Dr. David Este of the University of Calgary, and Dr. Jenna Bailey of Bailey & Soda Films to create Black Lives in Alberta: Over a Century of Racial Injustice Continues. It builds on the work of the documentary; We Are the Roots: Black Settlers and Their Experiences of Discrimination and shows how the original immigrants overcame adversity, resisted measures to exploit and control them and made significant contributions to Alberta’s society and culture.

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No duplication or public broadcast of this film should be done without the permission of the copyright owners.

Please contact Shiloh Centre for Multicultural Roots if you would like to arrange a public screening.

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